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Fire Services

Fire Services

Sharp Group Fire & Security Services provide a Fire Services solution from systems for detection, protection and suppression. We also training and consultancy supports while supply the most extensive range of fire safety signage and accessories. We are aware that businesses must trust our expertise in the area of fire detection and protection and have devised our Fire Services offering based on this level of expectation placed on us. We work across all industries from small manufacturing premises to high risk sites requiring extensive fire service supports.


Sharp Group Fire & Security Services provide your business and premises with the level of fire alarm systems required. Our risk assessment model will inform what systems are the most appropriate.

EN 54 / IS3218 provides a classification of fire alarm that’s devised based on the level of protection required.

We address the risk of fire through the installation of the most reliable activation systems in the marketplace.


Under current Irish legislation you must install portable fire fighting equipment in your premises.

We provide consultation and training in all aspects of your fire detection and protection.

EN3 / IS 291 relates to the use, location, inspection of portable fire extinguishers and we ensure that your premises is fully compliant at all times.


Sharp Group Fire & Security Services will consult with you to identify the most suitable fire extinguishing systems for your property. From restaurants, manufacturing, pharma to office environments we will conduct surveys to establish the best solution for you followed up with on site training in all aspects fire extinguisher use. The main options available are:

  • Gaseous Detection Suppression Systems

    These systems give 24 hour automatic detection for communications rooms and high power risk rooms. Different types of gas detection systems are available with FM200, Inergen or CO2 Gas Systems.

  • Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

    Kitchen fires are a common occurrence and our systems are designed to protect this risk 24 hours a day. The systems are tailored to be activated automatically or manually protecting all cooking appliances and ducting to suppress a fire within seconds.


Where hazards cannot be avoided or reduced high visibility warning and signage must be provided.

In compliance with EC directives 92 / 58 / EEC colour coding for signage is applicable.

This includes red for prohibition, yellow for caution, green for positive action and blue for mandatory. We supply all signage requirements for all industry and building types.


We provide the full range of equipment for all your fire and safety requirements.

We provide the entire business solution to complement our range of fire extinguishers.

Our product range includes fire blankets, floor stands, wall cabinets, vehicle extinguisher cabinets, fire brigade equipment and first aid equipment.

Please contact us for your fire and safety equipment products.


Sharp Group Fire & Security Services are certified to conduct certified courses on or off site to help customers fulfill their Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005 requirements.

Our training is delivered by the most experienced professionals who are entirely focused on fire safety and prevention in their day to day activity.